Friday, March 8, 2013

Make Free Printable Candy Bar Wrappers and Earn Money

I find free cute printables very amusing.  So I decided to make my own website of free cute printable chocolate candy bar wrappers.  

They look like this!

The goal is to make these cute printables and share them for free, and at the same time earn some extra money from Google Adsense.  I made chocolate wrappers for different occasions: birthday, graduation, thank you, fathers day, etc.  You can just imagine the fun I was having while I was making the wrappers.  All you really need is a template and you just change the graphics and the text.
I came up with an idea to make inspirational candy wrappers.  I love this theme!  It is so fun to give a chocolate bar to somebody with an inspirational saying on the wrapper.

And I love thank you chocolate wrappers too!  Can you imagine someone giving you a chocolate bar with cute thank you on the wrapper?  Isn’t that sweet?

And I made some funny birthday candy bar wrappers like this!

I called my website  It earns money from Google Adsense.  How? When people view my candy wrappers, see the Google Ad around it, become interested in the ad and click on it, Google pays money.  Google shares its revenue from its advertisers with the website owner, which in this case is me.   And Google automatically puts ad content that’s related to the topic so it’s attractive to the viewers.

I made my candy wrappers in Word Format to make it easy for people to add in whatever text they like.  And I made the wrappers to fit the standard regular size chocolate bar.  Each chocolate bar wrapper is cute and unique.  People print the wrapper, wrap it over their chocolate bar and give it away as a gift.

This is what I meant on my blog earlier that as you expand your horizons, you will discover many venues to earn money online.  The important thing is to stick to what you enjoy, make it simple and stay focused.

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